McElroy’s Hydraulic Clamping Retrofit Added to Third Machine Size

TULSA, Okla. — McElroy has introduced Hydraulic Clamping retrofit kits for the popular 500 line of fusion machines. The new introduction comes after a successful introduction of the same product for 412 and 618 fusion machines last year.

The Hydraulic Clamping kits are installed at local McElroy distributors or ordered preinstalled on new machines. Once installed, operators will find increased speed and productivity of the fusion process. Time usually spent manually clamping the knobs shut can be redirected to actually performing the fusion at hand. Also, workers on site will experience less fatigue by letting hydraulic power do the heavy work instead of hand-wrenching the knobs into position.

“Hydraulic Clamping is a customer-driven product,” said Chip McElroy, president and chief executive officer of McElroy. “Customers that knew our complete line of machines asked for this large-diameter feature to be introduced for our mid-range machines. We answered the call with this convenient and cost-appropriate clamping option.”

Besides the clamping benefits, McElroy engineers designed the clamping system with quick disconnect hydraulic fittings that allows a fusion technician to easily prepare the machine to fuse tees, ells and tie-ins.

The retrofit kit consists of a manifold block for the machine’s carriage that controls the two fixed jaw cylinders and two moveable jaw cylinders independently. The two inner-upper jaws are specific to clamping-enabled machines.

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